Testing and Certification

JetProducts Testing

ASTM Testing for JetProducts™

Racking – ASTM E72
Shear Strength – ASTM D2718
Flexural Strength – ASTM 1185C
Water Vapor Transmission – ASTM E96
Thermal Transmission – ASTM C518
Water Penetration – ASTM E331
Mold/Mildew Growth – ASTM D3273

ANSI A118.9-05 Standard Testing for Tile Backerboard

Fire Testing for JetProducts™

Firewall – ASTM E119
1 Hour Firewall Assembly

View the ASTM E119 Report from Intertek!

Combustibility – ISO 1182:

Surface Burning – ASTM E84:
Class A Fire Rated (NFPA)
Class 1 Fire Rated (ICC)
Flame Spread: 0
Smoke Developed: 0

Learn how JetProducts™ surpass other boards in fire test results, right here!

Quality Certification

JetBoard™ and JetBacker™ are subject to ongoing third-party testing to ensure a consistent, high-quality product. Both products are certified by Intertek as Class A and Class 1 fire-rated products, with Zero Flame Spread and Zero Smoke Developed (ASTM E84), and are authorized to bear the prestigious Warnock Hersey product mark. Intertek’s rigorous certification and listing process, together with their quarterly audits, provides users the assurance that all JetProducts™ are of the highest quality – every time. Click here to view the Intertek Warnock Hersey listing; simply search for “JetProducts LLC” in the product directory.

Not only is the quality of JetBoard™ and JetBacker™ endorsed by a third-party organization, the facility in which they are manufactured is regularly audited. JetProducts™ is the only cement board company to test every truck load of material in a US supervised lab for chemical and physical properties.  A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is generated for our customers with each order.

To maintain these high levels of quality certification, JetProducts™ is audited quarterly by Intertek and all boards tested in their labs have a complete chain of custody back to the plant, day and raw materials used.