Green, Healthy, and Safe

JetProducts Green

JetBoard™ Isn’t Just Green. It’s 2XGreen.

What’s good for the planet, isn’t always good for people. Many green building materials that are eco-friendly are not people-friendly. Instead, JetBoard™ is as kind to the Earth, as it is to people. It’s twice as green: or as we say, 2XGreen!

Naturally Tough. Never Toxic.

What’s remarkable about JetBoard™ is that it’s comprised of a benign, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic cement based on magnesium carbonate. This mineral based cement can resist fire, mold, mildew, and insects better than other boards on the market.  Safer to install, safer to live with!

Green and Healthy Buildings

People breathe easier in buildings using our mineral-based products. That’s because the magnesium cement in JetProducts™ simply cannot harbor mildew, mold, or even toxic black mold. JetProducts™ are also ideal construction materials for those with chemical sensitivities. JetProducts™ don’t contain chemical irritants and even deadly chemicals found in some boards on the market today.

Don’t Be Greenwashed: Beware of Building Materials Made with Recycled Content

Be careful if you’re seeking credits for eco-friendly building: You may be inadvertently harming people in the process. Synthetic gypsum boards and some so-called  “green” cement boards are made of debris from coal-fired power plants. While these products prevent pollutants from going into the air or directly into landfills, these pollutants instead become trapped in homes and buildings.

Click Here to View the Official SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for JetProducts™