Fire Protection

JetProducts Fireman in the Wall

A Scientific Breakthrough Saving Lives, One Room at a Time.

Building with JetBoard™ delivers EIGHT TIMES the fire suppressing power compared to drywall. JetBoard™ gives occupants more time to escape. And that means more lives saved. It’s like having a fireman in the wall. JetBoard™ has achieved an ASTM E119 1 Hour Firewall Assembly rating, making it the only structurally fire-rated board that also delivers proven resistance to mold, mildew, insects, and impact. See the test results from Interek, here!

Go Beyond Fire Resistant Building. Fight the Flames.

No other board on the market today delivers the fire fighting power of JetBoard™. While OSB and plywood fuel the flames, and gypsum resists the fire, JetBoard™ actually fights the fire by releasing hydrated water as steam that absorbs heat energy. When heat is added to our proprietary magnesium cement, water vapor is released…the equivalent of 30 lbs. of ice per board. No toxic gases. No dangerous chemical vapors. Just water.

JetBoard™ Contains 13 Chemically Bonded Water Molecules
5H2O (Concrete) + 8H2O (Hydrate)

Buyer Beware: All MgO Boards Are Not Created Equal

The chemistry of magnesium cement is complex and sensitive to manufacturing conditions. That’s why only JetBoard™ is made in a controlled environment using patented technology and proprietary processes resulting from 7 years of research and development. These innovative methods maximize the natural fire resistance of Magnesium cement using sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing.

See the Firefighting Properties of JetBoard™ in Action!