Triton Watertight System

Triton Watertight System

Waterproofing for the New Wave in Bathroom Design

Today’s bathrooms look and feel different. They’re more open and fluid, allowing people and moisture to move freely. The Triton Watertight System™ seamlessly fits behind this new bathroom, providing a watertight barrier while accommodating the latest design trends.

Superior, Safe, and Certain Mold + Mildew Protection

At the core of the system is Triton Board™, comprised of a waterproof membrane adhered to JetBacker™. JetBacker™ is resistant to fire, mold, and mildew. Triton Board™ is both people- and planet-friendly: it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals yet achieves the highest level of moisture resistance, naturally.

Water-Free, Worry-Free, 10 Year Guarantee

The Triton difference is the pre-bonding of the backer board and waterproof membrane in a quality-controlled factory, instead of on the jobsite. This saves installation time and ensures long-term performance.

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