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ASTM Testing for JetProducts™

ANSI A118.9-05 Standard Testing for Tile Backer board

Racking – ASTM E72
Shear Strength – ASTM D2718
Flexural Strength – ASTM 1185C
Water Vapor Transmission – ASTM E96
Thermal Transmission – ASTM C518
Water Penetration – ASTM E331
Mold/Mildew Growth – ASTM D3273

Fire Testing for JetProducts™

Firewall – ASTM E119
1 Hour Firewall Assembly

View the ASTM E119 Report from Intertek!

Combustibility – ISO 1182:

Surface Burning – ASTM E84:
Class A Fire Rated (NFPA)
Class 1 Fire Rated (ICC)
Flame Spread: 0
Smoke Developed: 0

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