Ratings Prove JetBoard is the Ideal Structural Sheathing Option

NTA Testing Proves JetBoard™ is the Ideal Structural Sheathing Choice for Residential, Multifamily, and Commercial Construction

JetBoard MgO Board has structural approval, ideal for multi-family, commercial, residential construction

JetBoard is approved for structural sheathing (wall, roof, and floor). It complies with the IBC and IRC Building Codes.

April 30th, 2015 – After undergoing rigorous testing by NTA, Inc., a product certification lab accredited by IAS and ICC, JetBoard™ has been proven compliant within the International Building Code (IBC) Section R104.11 and the International Residential Code (IRC) Section 104.11. NTA evaluated JetBoard™ in accordance with NTA IM 034.1 Cementitious Structural Sheathing Properties and NTA IM36 Quality System Requirements. Specifically, NTA has approved JetBoard™ for the following three uses…

• General (structural wall, roof, and floor sheathing in light-frame wood structures)
• Construction Types (when constructed in accordance with 2009 IBC Chapter 6)
• Fire Resistive Assemblies (when approved by authority having jurisdiction over the structure)

No other manufacturer of Magnesium Oxide board has been able to acquire structural ratings. However, utilizing patented formulations and proven chemical processes, JetProducts has produced a superior Mgo board with qualities that not only meet the requirements for structural rating, but exceed them.