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Protect Your Family From Fire

If you could keep your family eight times safer from fire…would you? Walls built with JetBoard™ are proven through third party testing to deliver eight times more fire suppression than drywall. Unlike OSB and plywood, which fuel the flames while releasing toxic smoke, JetBoard™ fights the flames by releasing hydrated water molecules as steam- the equivalent of 30 lbs. of ice per 4′ x 8′ JetBoard™. We call that having a “fireman in the wall.”

Take a Sigh of Relief…You’re Safer from Toxic Mold

Mildew and toxic mold thrive wherever moisture gets trapped. But JetBoard™ and JetBacker™ “breathe,” allowing moisture that naturally accumulates in walls to escape – instead of build up. Many of the popular house wraps on the market today keep water from coming into your home, but trap it between your walls. In bathrooms and kitchens, many gypsum boards treated with water-resistant chemicals do the same thing: trap moisture in the wrong places. There, fiberglass and spray foam insulation become a breeding ground for mold spores. Unfortunately, often the only signal of mold in homes is increased respiratory problems and allergies. Not to mention, the chemicals that add water resistance can off gas, releasing toxins and carcinogens into your home.

 …And Safer From Irritating and Toxic Chemicals

JetBoard™ is the construction material of choice for those with chemical sensitivities. It’s made with naturally occurring magnesium oxide, a non-toxic and non-carcinogenic mineral. JetBoard™ is manufactured in a plant that’s as safe as a bakery, with byproducts similar in content to cattle feed. Compare that to other conventional boards manufactured in plants that leave a high carbon footprint, and may contain toxins and carcinogens. Even if a board is labeled a green or sustainable building material, it may NOT be people friendly. See why JetBoard™ and JetBacker™ are easy on people AND planet…we call that 2XGreen!

Other Construction Board May Contain: Volatile Sulfur Compounds and Mercury…Up to 1/3 of gypsum on the market today is synthetic gypsum board, otherwise known as flue gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum, which often has trace to significant amounts of harmful chemicals and elements, such as mercury.

Portland Cement Board May Contain: Heavy Metals (when made with Fly Ash) and Crystalline Silica

OSB, Plywood, and Particleboard May Contain: Formaldehyde… in the glue that binds the sawdust and wood chips, can lead to cancer with prolonged exposure and can be a chemical irritant to many people.