For Builders

JetProducts for Builders

Bring Value and Innovation to Your Customers

Whether you’re a home builder or a general contractor, JetProducts™ gives you the edge to stand out from the competition. Today’s consumer is more educated than ever: They’re wary of low-quality construction materials and highly toxic chemicals. A healthy, affordable, energy-efficient home is their goal. JetProducts™ can help them achieve it. Get to know JetProducts™ from a homeowner’s perspective. 

Get the Board that “Breathes”

One of the most popular applications for JetBoard™ is exterior structural sheathing for homes and buildings. JetBoard™ works harder than conventional boards when used in conjunction with a house wrap. Due to JetBoard™’s higher level of permeability compared to OSB and plywood, it allows homes to breathe. JetBoard™ does what other boards can’t: it helps buildings “exhale” moisture. That way, condensation can escape which prevents toxic mold and fungal growth. Plus, no other board delivers the fire protection of JetBoard™.

Cut Down on Callbacks

When you install JetBoard™ and JetBacker™, you’re providing customers with a superior, longer lasting product. Customers won’t be calling in a year complaining of basement mildew growth or bowing bathroom walls. In fact, you may get the right kind of callback: the one where your customer asks you to install our products throughout the home. It’s a win-win for you – and your customers.