Product Usage

JetProducts Better Buildings

Astoundingly Versatile. Ready to Be Used Anywhere

Instead of opting for standard drywall, fiber cement board, or OSB, upgrade to JetProducts™.  For nearly the same investment as conventional construction materials, your project will benefit from unprecedented quality and performance.

Better Building Takes Off with JetProducts™

Your building will be healthier, because JetProducts™ are non-toxic and cannot harbor mold. Your structure will be stronger, because JetProducts™ are engineered to be highly impact resistant and moisture tolerant.  Most importantly, the people who live and work in your buildings will be safer…because no other board delivers the fire protection and people-friendly properties of JetProducts™.

Where You’ll Find JetBoard™

  • Fire Walls, Fire Doors, and Fire Barriers
  • Exterior Structural Sheathing for Homes and Buildings
  • Interior Walls, Basement Walls, and Wall Systems*
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Elevator Shafts and Elevator Doors
  • Fireproof Doors
  • Office Partitions
  • Interior Panels, Decorative Panels
  • Acoustic Panels and Sound Boards
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Substrates for Coatings such as Stucco**

Where You’ll Find JetBacker™

  • Beneath Floors in High-Moisture Rooms: Bathrooms, Kitchens
  • Behind Showers, Baths, and Kitchen Walls

Where You’ll Find JetMarineBoard™

  • Cargo and Cruise Ship Bulkhead Ceilings and Walls
  • Recreational Boat and Yacht Ceilings, Walls, and Furniture
  • Offshore Drilling Platforms

Where You’ll Find JetBallisticBoard™

  • Guard Shed Structures
  • Armored Vehicles and Barricades
  • Bank Safes

*JetBacker and JetBoard are not intended to be used as drywall, as traditional drywall techniques are not sufficient for seam treatment of cement based products

**JetBacker and JetBoard are intended to be used in traditional stucco systems.  Stucco should not be directly applied to JetBoard for exterior applications.