JetMarine Board Class A30 Noncombustible Fire Rated Panel

 Advancing the Construction of Livable, Lifesaving Marine Interiors. 

USCG Wheelmark

U.S.Coast Guard Official Wheelmark Number: 1408/15
164.109 USCG Certified A30, B15, B0, and C Class
164.107 USCG Fire Protection Certified for A30 in Double Wall Application

JetMarine Board meets the U.S. Coast Guard’s rigorous requirements for Class A30 noncombustible construction of walls, floors, ceilings, bulkheads, and even furnishings on ships and offshore platforms.

JetMarine Board is also ideal for the marine environment because it is impervious to moisture and retains its structure and integrity – even in extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations. Unlike steel panels, JetMarine Board does not require cleaning and will not corrode or rust.

With a paintable surface similar to FRP panels, Jet Marine Board offers unlimited decorative potential and ultimate durability. Marine architects and engineers are empowered to create livable – and lifesaving – interiors.

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