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Get Behind a Better Backer Board

When installed behind shower walls, countertops, and floors, JetBacker™ board prevents water from rotting your structure. Unlike gypsum products, JetBacker™ can tolerate and manage unintended water – it won’t delaminate or peel, rot, or swell. You won’t have to worry about mildew or toxic mold, because JetBacker™ contains a patented formulation of magnesium cement – a non-toxic mineral resistant to the elements.  Jet Products recommends water-proofing all showers to minimize water penetration into your walls but when you have untended water leaks, JetBacker™ is there to minimize your exposure.

5 Key Benefits

Outlasts Gypsum Board and Other Backer Boards

  • Decay of gypsum backer in the presence of moisture is inevitable; but JetBacker™ is formulated to stand strong against the elements

Powerful Protection Against Mold and Rot

Easy to Work With 

  • Lighter than cement backer board
  • Simple to “score and snap”

Completely Non-Toxic

  • JetBacker™contains no crystalline silica
  • Ideal material for those with chemical sensitivities…click to see why.

Part of a Complete Waterproofing System

  • JetBacker™ is a key component of Triton™ Board, the first commercially available and environmentally sensitive integrated waterproofing system. Discover the Triton Watertight System, click to view the brochure! 

JetBacker™ Underlayment Size

3’x 5’,  1/4 and 1/8”

JetBacker™ Backer Board Sizes

3’x5’ – 1/2”

Custom sizes are also available. For an estimate or a sample, click to contact us.

For details on installing JetBacker™, click to view our installation guide.