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Taking Initiative to Evolve Construction

A proactive perspective defines our company: we’re engineering products that perform today, and address tomorrow’s challenges. We don’t seek the “next big thing” in construction…we create it by taking a disciplined scientific approach that includes proprietary design and rigorous testing at the molecular level. In fact, we tested over 400 formulations before launching JetBoard™.

Sustainability is Our Responsibility

Our high performance construction materials prove that building green doesn’t mean sacrificing power or effectiveness. We’re proud of our sustainable manufacturing process, and our equally sustainable construction materials that are good for both people – and the planet. We offer truly green building materials that are manufactured using very low energy input from the initial processing of raw materials through the final production.

Not a Building Supply Company

With every order, you receive more than just our products. We’re here to provide support: from best practices for installing backer board to tips on laminating to our boards. The JetProducts™ team is experienced working with engineers, architects, laminators, and builders. We look forward to partnering with your company. Together, we can advance green building innovation.