USCG Certifies JetMarine Board as Class A30 Noncombustible

Major Marine Construction Breakthrough: U.S. Coast Guard Certifies JetMarine Board as Class A30 Noncombustible

Marine Panel A30 Rating US Coast Guard Fire Protection

Advancing Marine Construction.

June 30th, 2015 —JetMarine Board has been certified by the U.S. Coast Guard as a noncombustible Class A30 marine construction material approved for fireproof construction of ship and offshore platform bulkheads, walls, partitions, floors, ceilings, and even furniture. JetMarine Board also meets safety and performance standards outlined by SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), IMO (International Maritime Organization), and EC (European Conformity).

USCG WheelmarkU.S. Coast Guard Official Wheelmark Number: 1408/15
164.109 USCG Certified A30, B15, B0, and C Class
164.107 USCG Fire Protection Certified for A30 in Double Wall Application

In addition to offering a high level of fire protection, what sets JetMarine Board apart from other maritime panels is its unique mineral-based composition. It releases hydrated water molecules as steam in the event of a fire. Jim Wambaugh, President of JetProducts, compares installing the board to having a “fireman in the wall” because it actually fights the flames. While other marine boards may fuel the flames or even release toxic chemicals, JetMarine Board achieves unprecedented fire protection, naturally, without asbestos, silica, or any dangerous chemicals.

JetMarine Board is also ideal for the marine environment because it is impervious to moisture and retains its structure and integrity – even in extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations. Unlike steel panels, JetMarine Board will not corrode or rust.

In the marine construction industry, JetMarine Board is also an optimal choice for interior furnishings such as shelves, work stations, storage areas, cabinetry, berths, and more. In conjunction with a metal frame bed, JetMarine Board creates additional storage space above and below, maximizing cabin space. It’s lightweight and easy to work with yet strong enough to resist damage from impact and vibrations.

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