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Ratings Prove JetBoard is the Ideal Structural Sheathing Option

NTA Testing Proves JetBoard™ is the Ideal Structural Sheathing Choice for Residential, Multifamily, and Commercial Construction

JetBoard MgO Board has structural approval, ideal for multi-family, commercial, residential construction

JetBoard is approved for structural sheathing (wall, roof, and floor). It complies with the IBC and IRC Building Codes.

April 30th, 2015 – After undergoing rigorous testing by NTA, Inc., a product certification lab accredited by IAS and ICC, JetBoard™ has been proven compliant within the International Building Code (IBC) Section R104.11 and the International Residential Code (IRC) Section 104.11. NTA evaluated JetBoard™ in accordance with NTA IM 034.1 Cementitious Structural Sheathing Properties and NTA IM36 Quality System Requirements. Specifically, NTA has approved JetBoard™ for the following three uses…

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